TDH – Policy Heavy

This week on the show I talk about a fair number of policy and governmental programs, as well as the possible public reactions to the decisions, things from the $10 billion per year crypto-cracking program and the FISA orders to the useage spike of Tor in recent weeks. Stick around for a defense of STEM graduates and I’m sure we will talk about tech products next week on the show.

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Text-based Bug fixed for 10.9 and iOS 7

iPhone 5S on September 20th?

Google’s smartwatch WIMM

Gag order on Google and Microsoft regarding FISA orders

$10 Billion in Federal crypto-cracking program

Tor usage spike

New Zealand abolishes software patents

Facebook Frackups

Attention seekers on Facebook

Science News

STEM is going strong

Milky-way Black Hole is a picky eater


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