TDH – Tastes Like Sugar

This week on the show, I talked about some upcoming Apple news ahead of the SEptember 10th announcement, we recap the smartwatch bandwagon, and Google really wants Chrome to be an OS. Really really. Make sure it supports biometric passwords, and they might be onto something. All that and more this week.

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New Apple TV ahead of Sept. 10th

OSX Mavericks for end of October

Chrome Apps to take on Windows

Android KitKat, the background story

Hints at Nexus 5

Maxthon to put browser on all chips

New Eastman Kodak

HDMI 2.0: 18Gbps

Vimeo starts funding indie films

Qualcomm Toq: Mirasol screen

Nymi wristband for passwords

Fear of creepy ads and hackers outway spying

California to implement electronic license plate

Facebook Frackups

Facebook Ice Cream,0,4948560.story


How Feds get our data


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