TDH – Microsoft’s iPads

This week on the show, it is really cold in the studio, so I talk rather quickly to keep myself warm. But what do I talk about? The Twitter IPO, AT&T’s purchase of spectrum from Verizon, Facebook’s atrocious idea for ads, as well as the very scary backdoor the NSA has in a cryptographic spec. Oh, and the new iPhones. Those silly things…


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Twitter goes public, privately


Twitter to release Spotify app


iPhone 5c pre-orders


Fingerprint authentication backlash


Motorola’s Moto X, made in the USA


Intel ships Haswell


Microsoft to buy iPads


Michael Dell’s buyout


Verizon’s Net Neutrality challenge


AT&T finalizes spectrum purchase from Verizon


Hacker compromises 2 million Vodafone customer database


NSA backdoor in cryptography spec


6-bit Byte:



Facebook Frackups

Auto-play videos on Facebook Mobile


Zuckerberg speaks out against NSA



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