TDH – Apple’s Genre Experts

This week on the show I talk about how Apple is hiring “Genre Experts” and should be hiring college radio DJs, to do the same thing. Uber and Lyft are now an officially legal thing in California, and while Google spins off Calico to fight aging, Steve Ballmer calls Microsoft a monopoly. All in a day’s work.

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California Greenlights Uber and Lyft

Twitter to add banks to IPO

iPhone 5s on sale with limited gold numbers

Google goes flat

Google announces Calico

Ballmer calls Google a monopoly

Cyanogen spun up as company

Apple hiring ‘genre experts’ to better iTunes Radio

Apple to fix iOS lock screen hack

Apple can read iMessages

6-bit Byte:

Cat can unlock Touch ID

1888 Hotel will waive fee for 10,000 Instagram followers



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