TDH – A Twick Twament

This week on the show I have not so twick twaments (quick comments) regarding piracy, and the ideas behind it, as well as how Google plans to keep updating Chrome on XP a year after Microsoft ditches the OS. We learn that Elon Musk wants to make the Lotus Espirit Bond prop that he bought into a real thing, we just aren’t sure if it will be branded Tesla yet.

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Many of the most Pirated movies aren’t available for streaming


YouTube is going more and more mobile


Google’s stock price touches 1k


Google to update Chrome for WinXP through 2015


Canonical releases Ubuntu 13.10, along with Ubuntu Touch


Apple Refutes ability to read iMessage


Square Cash


Lenovo signs NDA to review Blackberry


6-Bit Byte:

Elon Musk to make the James Bond Lotus submarine car a reality


Science News:

Tungsten optical disc to store data for 1 billion years



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