TDH – Nokia and All the Internet

This week on the show I talk at length about the Nokia announcement, and the implications of Apple releasing Mavericks for free. We get into a long series of stores on new things going on in the internet these days, from nationalization of internet within countries to the decline of Wikipedia. It should be a no brainer, but don’t text, call or be distracted while driving, it comes up with the announcement of Chrome coming to Tesla Model S in 2014.

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Nokia News!


OSX Mavericks is free for all


Nationalized Internet


Mozilla’s Lightbeam helps you understand tracking


3D-printed ‘gun-parts’ may not be for a gun


Decline of Wikipedia


YouTube to launch Spotify competitor


Internet is damaging to your sleep schedule

Tesla Model S to get apps and Chrome by 2014


Facebook Frackups

⅔ of US adults get news from Facebook



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