TDH – NQS (Not Quite Speechless)

This week on the show I am left, not quite speechless regarding a couple of things, some of which are rather scary when you extrapolate the precedent, like the loss of your 4th amendment rights if you auto-identify as a hacker, or the high frequency spread of BIOS level malware. We explore what it means for the Obama administration to partner with reliability engineers from Google, Oracle and Red Hat to fix the issues with Will we get to the bottom of the genes that express mathematical aptitude?


Download This Week’s Episode calls on tech companies for fixes


Google Nexus 5 actually announced


Cisco to open H.264 for WebRTC penetration


New FAA guidelines to allow more device use


If you believe in the 4th amendment, don’t say you are a Hacker


NSA may be tapping Google and Yahoo’s fiber


badBIOS, an innovative form of malware spread


6-Bit Byte

DNA source of mathematical aptitude


Google was bored at Nortel patent auction



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