TDH – Privacy: A Social Construct

This week on the show I talk at length about the comment from Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist about privacy. He claims that ‘privacy’ as we know it is an anomaly of society, and I say that is a bad argument for getting rid of it. I also rebuke Samsung’s idea of pre-installing anti-theft software on your smartphone, and we pour one out for WinAmp, which will be no more after December of 2013.


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Google’s Cerf, “Privacy may be an anomaly”


Microsoft’s Xbox One Launch


Jury give $290 million more to Apple in Samsung case


Carriers reject Absolute Lojack


FCC to consider allowing cell calls at 10,000 ft.


Not getting charged for Spam Texts


Hydrobee to charge your phone off a river


Raspberry Pi now includes Mathematica


The end of WinAmp



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