TDH – Happy End of Year

This week on the show, I talk about the security community, both in how they try to prove strength, and how the NSA could improve it’s public image. We learn that Google is assembling more robotic companies under their perview, and those crazies with tape over their laptop cameras might be able to say “I told you so”. Facebook lets you donate to non-profits, and hopefully the IEC will make all laptop chargers a standard.

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Obama Urged to Curb NSA Activity

Google Buys Boston Dynamics

$200,000 to crack Telegram

New Mac Pros Onsale

Webcam Spying

IEC Laptop Power Charger Standard

Delta CEO Prohibits In-Flight Calls

Dish’s Interest in T-Mobile


Facebook Frackups:

Launch of ‘Donate’ Button


6-Bit Byte:

Collins Dictionary’s Word of The Year,86,HCB.html


TDH on December 22nd

The show this weekend will be an hour earlier, running from noon to 1 ahead of WRCT’s airing of a Holiday Concert starting at 1pm.

You will, as always, be able to get your very own copy of the show right here following the airing.

Please tune in on the radio if you are in Pittsburgh, or online if you are not.


Thank you listeners for a great year, and here is to 2014!

TDH – A Bit of a Follow-up Show

This week on the show, I follow up on both the story of Instagram’s announcement and about Alan Mulally being the new Microsoft CEO. It seems like you can now text your friends pictures through Instagram and we have another name to cross off the Microsoft CEO short-list, Qualcomm’s Mollenkopf. Google may be doing you a favor when it comes to email advertisements, and may be trying to cut Intel out of the server chip market. All that and more this week.

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GMail change with relationship to images

Google considers making own server chips

Qualcomm taps Mollenkopf as new CEO

Ongoing FCC decision regarding cell phones on planes

Instagram’s announcement, Instagram Direct

Amazon rumored to announce Sams Club competitor

Microsoft joins FIDO Alliance

Norway is digitizing all books, and making them free online

6-Bit Byte:

Groupon counters Amazon drone plan

TDH – Evil & Information

This week on the show I talk about, and get a little frustrated at how companies are being evil, when they collect, use and sell information about you and your habits. The House passed a bill to limit patent trolls, and I hope that the driver who got pulled over for wearing Google Glass gets the third degree. Online ads should be more clearly marked as such, and in the spirit of Christmas, Microsoft and Google are fighting over tracking Santa.


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Gates and Zuck put $9M into improving school’s broadband


Online ads should be more clearly marked


Instagram invites for December 12th event


Youtube’s non existent music service


Driving with Google Glass


Data haul by Android flashlight app


Microsoft and government agencies team up to fight botnet


House passes Innovation Act


Mulally, CEO of Ford won’t replace Balmer


6-Bit Byte:

Microsoft, NORAD, and Google’s annual Santa tracking battle!pcUoE