TDH – Evil & Information

This week on the show I talk about, and get a little frustrated at how companies are being evil, when they collect, use and sell information about you and your habits. The House passed a bill to limit patent trolls, and I hope that the driver who got pulled over for wearing Google Glass gets the third degree. Online ads should be more clearly marked as such, and in the spirit of Christmas, Microsoft and Google are fighting over tracking Santa.


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Gates and Zuck put $9M into improving school’s broadband


Online ads should be more clearly marked


Instagram invites for December 12th event


Youtube’s non existent music service


Driving with Google Glass


Data haul by Android flashlight app


Microsoft and government agencies team up to fight botnet


House passes Innovation Act


Mulally, CEO of Ford won’t replace Balmer


6-Bit Byte:

Microsoft, NORAD, and Google’s annual Santa tracking battle!pcUoE



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