TDH – 3D Printing Security

This week on the show, we have news of many ways that 3D printing is going to be a lot easier thanks to Adobe Photoshop and Hershey’s Chocolates. It is all about 3D printing going mainstream. In other news, we might have quite a number more augmented reality experiences coming in the near future, that is assuming that small content creators won’t get run off the internet by Netflix and Google.

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Federal Appeals Court rules against FCC


New Jersey Drone Law


Tesla’s “Reckless” Growth


Facilitating Augmented Reality!sy4IC


3D Print from Photoshop


Or 3D print a chocolate bar


Samsung’s Galaxy Glass Woes


Blackphone: a Smartphone Based on Security


6-Bit Byte:

Uber to Branch Out


Microsoft Employees Refer to Win 8 as “the new Vista”


“Trashcan” Mac Pro