TDH – Know Where You Get Your Info

This week on the show, I talk at length, and keep returning to the message of where information comes from, who you can trust with it, and why you might not want to. This conversation was spurned on by the new handsets announced at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this past week, as well as the RSA conference, and the counter-conference TrustyCon in San Francisco also this past week. We learn about a major win for the 4th Amendment in Texas as well as particle physicists’ desire for more powerful supercolliders.

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Ferrari, Volvo And Mercedes to unveil iOS in car


RSA Conference this past week


Mt. Gox collapse, and Bitcoin Regulation


Open Cellular technologies for developing nations


FBI & Secret Service cellular interception via Google Maps


In Texas, if you are in jail, your call records are safe


Blackphone Followup:


Boeing’s Deep Black (a la Blackphone)


6-bit Byte:

Twitch beats Pokemon


Science News:

Revival of the SSC, in search of more POWER



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