TDH – Take A NSA Break

This week on the show, I talk about how Mt. Gox found some of the missing Bitcoins, which isn’t as unbelievable as it may seem, how the California DMV might have compromised your credit cards, and a 1,000 mph car. This among the academic exercise of Netflix as a P2P distribution model, and my attempt to wane reporting on the NSA and information spying.

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Mt.Gox Suddenly finds $115M in bitcoin


Turkey institutes IP level ban on Twitter


NSA Spied on Chinese Government & Networking Firm


NSA speaks at a TED conference


Credit Card breach at California DMV


Netflix and a switch to P2P video service


Intel’s Latest Processor Announcements


Science News:

Dust kept CO2 down historically


Bloodhound SSC building a 1000mph car


Fern Fossils



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