TDH – Governmental Affairs

This week on the show I start by going over the news of the possible net neutrality reversal by the FCC, and move on the track of governmental affairs, from Pennsylvania’s sting on Uber and Lyft to SpaceX and their goal of an Air Force contract. Amazingly, Carnegie Mellon Computer Club successfully recovered some of Andy Warhol’s computer art from 1985. All that and more this week.

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FCC’s new opinion of Net Neutrality


Ride-sharing, and the cities they affect


SpaceX sues Air Force to block contract award


Microsoft becomes a phone manufacturer


Apple’s iPhone sleep/wake button replacement


RasberryPi powered cell phone


Verizon relaying desktop browsing to Ad agencies,0,2539606.column#ixzz2zvGVdsdK


Tech Giants agree to fund OpenSSL


Stanford’s password guidelines


Carnegie Mellon Computer Club finds Warhol images


Facebook Frackups

Facebook funds retrofit of Menlo Park police department


TDH – Everything’s Interesting

We went a little long this week, but I don’t mind, I enjoyed my topics. We talked about Tom Wheeler, the FCC Chairman’s feelings regarding the upcoming auction in the 600MHz band, some new revelations regarding the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability, as well as the one year anniversary of the Digital Public Library of America. I got to geek out about how vinyl works, and in Science News we talked about blood sugar levels, as well as something that might be a new satellite of Saturn.


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FCC Chair ‘regrets’ AT&T and Verizon having prime spectrum


Heartbleed vulnerability further exploited


The end of password based authentication?


Apple confirms aftermarket CarPlay support


Digital Public Library of America to add millions of records


Nike denies FuelBand shutdown


Longaccess is a new long-term digital storage solution

Followup to the Pono Player


In honor of Record Store Day, let’s talk about vinyl


Facebook Frackups:

Facebook’s friend model, and how we’ve changed


Facebook on the World Cup


Science News

Saturn’s new moon


Hunger and self-control, how Voodoo dolls showed the connection


TDH – Technology isn’t Political

This week on the show, I talk about a number of cool things, between why Wi-Fi is not harmful to you, that there is an internal network in each Tesla model S, and how supersymmetry may or may not be a natural phenomenon. The message I drove home from other stories is that the political and social battles that we wage shouldn’t be waged in the technology sphere.

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Ubuntu One shutdown by Canonical


Ad cookies Trace Internet Activity


Google’s Trademark “Glass”


Steve Jobs email about Samsung strategy


Conservatives slam Mozilla


Tesla model S Internal Network


webOS team releases interface to community


Science News:

Royal Society of Canada concludes wi-fi is safe


NASA suspends contact with Russia


Exotic materials exhibit super-symmetry