TDH – Good News for the Internet

This week on the show, I have two stories that continue my resolve when it comes to the power of the internet to be a resource of information for the human race. Specifically, the Wayback Machine surpassed 400 Billion indexed sites last week, and a UN report says that 40% of the world’s population will be internet users by the end of 2014. We also discuss what Apple’s purchase of Beats can and will mean, as well as one of Google’s new acquisitions, Appetas. throttles the FCC, and the band Vulfpeck runs a scam on Spotify. Happy Mother’s Day!
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SpaceX Injunction dissolved’s Wayback surpasses 400 billion indexes sites


UN Reports 3 billion users by end of year


Apple = Beats + $3.2 Billion


A Second (and third?) HTC-made Nexus device


Google’s new GMail


Google buys Appetas


Webhost throttles FCC as act of protest


Hacking aboard Aircraft Carrier


6-Bit Byte:

Band Scams Spotify


Vibram loses class-action



TDH – Announcements All Around

This week on the show, we talk briefly about the injunction that SpaceX was granted against the United Launch Alliance on account of the Russian sanctions, as well as Target’s accelerated attempts to switch to Chip and Pin credit card security. We talk some Amazon news, shots of their new phone and expanded same-day delivery. Also the hardware cost of Google Glass, it may surprise you. All that and more this week on the show.


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SpaceX says rocket purchases violate Russian sanctions


SanDisk announces 4TB SSD


Bill Gates no longer Microsoft’s largest shareholder


Microsoft fixes IE security flaw


Google Glass hardware costs about $150


News about Amazon’s smartphone


Amazon’s same-day service in SF and Dallas


Target speeds switch to Chip and Pin


6-Bit Byte

Yosemite bans drones


MIT bitcoin club giving $100 to all undergrads


Science News

Neutrinos might be the key to breaking the standard model