TDH – WWDC, Truecrypt’s future and some Google

This week on the show, I speak at length about what to expect out of Apple with all of the recent news of the company, and given that WWDC, starts Monday the 2nd. This is spurred on by Eddy Cue’s pronouncement that the coming cloud offerings are the best in a quarter century. Katie Cotton, one of the most influential communication execs in technology retired this week after 18 years of making Apple what it is. We dive into some of the theories surrounding the disappearance of TrueCrypt, which has for a decade been a standard for volume encryption. I speak against Rep. Bob Latta’s bill on Net Neutrality, and we talk about Google’s future moves in it’s ever expanding reach. All this and more this week.

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WWDC starts June 2nd

Eddy Cue touts best product line in 25 years

Katie Cotton ends tenure at Apple

Truecrypt no longer supported, not trusted to be secure

Bill to prohibit FCC reclassification

Turkish court rules access to YouTube not to be restricted

Europe’s right to be forgotten and Google

Google’s Self-driving car

Google to buy Dropcam, signalling home automation?

Facebook Frackups:

Facebook and pop culture

Science News:

Photonic crystals signal new developments in RAM technology


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