TDH – Government Data Hogs

This week on the show, we talk at length about your data on the internet, and who and why they are interested in it. Hint: primarily to make a quick dollar. Specifically we make mention of Vodafone’s unprecedented multi-national review of secret data requests from governments, Microsoft’s call to the US government to end mass data collection and how Google’s new Chrome extension might help secure our emails. It is now official, Sprint has made an offer to buy T-Mobile, and like AT&T before it, we await regulator’s decisions. Turkish ISPs finally unblock YouTube, and Apple might ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. All that and more this week.

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Netflix’s message to users: “Verizon is why your movie is slow”


Turkish ISP unblocks YouTube


Sprint to buy T-Mobile, officially


Apple to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack?


Amazon’s June 18th product announcement, and the tech behind it


Google to offer end to end Encryption


Microsoft calls on US Gov to end data collection


Vodafone reveals calls from governments for data


Secret Service contracting for sarcasm detector


6-Bit Byte

US Ambassador sworn in over Kindle, a script to keep Glass off your network



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