TDH – I Want Results

This week on the show, we speak to a number of Linux-y things, from native support of Netflix, which was a long time coming, to the new found ability to run Android apps in Chrome. There is a project underway to get a SMS based web browser off the ground for android users in third-world nations without a data plan, and Tom Wheeler has stated that 4Mbps broadband will keep rural America on the wrong side of the digital divide. We dive head first into the reason that security tools need better user experiences and the precedent a new Senate bill will place on government officials accessing emails stored on foreign servers. All that and a bit more this week on the show.

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Netflix coming to Linux


Run Android apps in Chrome


SMS based Cosmos browser


US Senate Bill to limit access to foreign email


Coalition to better security tools


TrueCrypt getting new life?


BitTorrent opens up Bleep secure messaging app


FCC says that 4Mbps is not fast enough for ‘broadband’


Larry Ellison steps down from Oracle CEO



Science News

NASA signs SpaceX and Boeing


TDH – Yelp review for my ATM

This week on the show, I quickly recap the Apple announcements which occurred on Tuesday, including the quick sellout of the iPhone 6+. We speak about a number of legislative and judicial announcements this week, from the coalition of tech companies that signed a letter to push the Email Privacy Bill forward, to a ruling about digitization of library books in the EU and what’s known colloquially as the ‘Yelp’ bill. T-Mobile had an August full of new customers, and we dive into some of the cool things that NASA is doing. All that and more this week!

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Apple Announcements:

iPhone sells out


iWatch is a real thing, but what is it for?


US Gov. threatened Yahoo with $0.25 mill fine per day under PRISIM


Email Privacy Bill


California passes “Yelp” bill


EU Court rules on library book use


Sandisk announces 512GB SD card,2817,2468406,00.asp


T-Mobile adds record number of pre-paid subscribers


Windows 9 leaked images


Science News

Curiosity arrives at Mt. Sharp


NASA to send laser pulses at Earth


Scientists make light behave like a solid


TDH – Product Heavy Show

This week on the show, we spend quite a fair amount of time on Apple, and the news of this past week, and the speculation on what will undoubtedly be the news of the week to come. The iCloud hack serves as a good Public Service Announcement for understanding how secure your personal effects actually are in the cloud. Not to be completely overshadowed, Motorola announced updated versions of the Moto X and Moto G smartphones, as well as the 360 smartwatch, and something called the Hint. We take a quick look through the latest from Nest, the home automation company, and talk about Tom Wheeler’s lofty goals for 25Mbps data speed broadband competition in the US. All that and more this week.

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Apple’s iCloud Breach


iCoud and the false security of two-factor


Apple to ramp up security alerts


Apple to launch new iPhones and the iWatch


Moto updates the Moto X and Moto G


Actually wearable circuitry


Nest pushes update to Protect


White House names Megan Smith the next CTO of the US


FCC recognizes 25Mbps as competitive ground


Dyson’s Roomba competitor


Facebook Frackups:

Netflix teams with Facebook to disseminate movie recomendations


6-Bit Byte:

Ikea’s new bookbook