TDH – Yelp review for my ATM

This week on the show, I quickly recap the Apple announcements which occurred on Tuesday, including the quick sellout of the iPhone 6+. We speak about a number of legislative and judicial announcements this week, from the coalition of tech companies that signed a letter to push the Email Privacy Bill forward, to a ruling about digitization of library books in the EU and what’s known colloquially as the ‘Yelp’ bill. T-Mobile had an August full of new customers, and we dive into some of the cool things that NASA is doing. All that and more this week!

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Apple Announcements:

iPhone sells out


iWatch is a real thing, but what is it for?


US Gov. threatened Yahoo with $0.25 mill fine per day under PRISIM


Email Privacy Bill


California passes “Yelp” bill


EU Court rules on library book use


Sandisk announces 512GB SD card,2817,2468406,00.asp


T-Mobile adds record number of pre-paid subscribers


Windows 9 leaked images


Science News

Curiosity arrives at Mt. Sharp


NASA to send laser pulses at Earth


Scientists make light behave like a solid



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