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TDH – On Hiatus Until 2015

Hello all,

I want to thank you for listening to my show over the past 100+ episodes. Due to some personal things, the show will be on hiatus at least until the end of the calendar year while I reconnoiter my priorities. Do not hesitate to reach out to me here, or on twitter @mbaron.  The entire archive will certainly live on here at the blog in perpetuity.

Until I see you on the radio next, I’m Matthew Baron, reminding you to beware the digital hazard.


TDH on December 22nd

The show this weekend will be an hour earlier, running from noon to 1 ahead of WRCT’s airing of a Holiday Concert starting at 1pm.

You will, as always, be able to get your very own copy of the show right here following the airing.

Please tune in on the radio if you are in Pittsburgh, or online if you are not.


Thank you listeners for a great year, and here is to 2014!

Thank you all for a great year!

Hello everybody,

I wanted to thank all of you loyal listeners (and bots that come visit the site) for being with the show for the past year. I always enjoy spending an hour on the air on Sundays, and I hope that you all enjoy what I have to say, whether you tune in live, or you download the shows later on.


Thank you again, and here is to another great year of The Digital Hazard in 2013!


I will see you on the radio at the start of the new semester.

~Matthew Baron

Hello World! (Again)

If you have been following the show for some time, you will realize that we have switched platforms from Blogger to WordPress.

It was honestly an impulsive thing, and I think that it may or may not be permanent, but we are going to try it out for a while just to see how it works.

In other news, we are back to Carnegie Mellon, and the Fall programming will be starting soon on WRCT 88.3 FM, so stay tuned! You can always see the current semester’s schedule at this location. I’m not sure when The Digital Hazard will be starting back up on the air. but I promise you tech fans it will be soon.

Enjoy the remainder of your summers, or the start of classes, or what ever the end of August signals for you.