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TDH – Some Hideous Box Art Microsoft

This week on the show, Erik joins me from his special crazy life, we talk at length about password security and how hideous the new Windows 8 box art is. We learn about how Android is making a foray into all of your appliances, so now your fridge can tell you when it is raining. We welcome the new proposed Nikola Tesla Museum, and the new cars that talk to each other.

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Password Security Today

License Plate Scanners

PayPal to Join with Discover

T-Mobile’s Unlimited Gambit

Apple’s Response to iPhone SMS vulnerability

Wedded to your iPhone?

Nikon’s Android Powered Camera

Control Your Fridge with your Phone

Windows 8 Pro Pricing and Details

6-Bit byte
Apple’s Proto-logo

Ann Arbor to Host ‘Social’ Cars

CMU and the Robot Hall of Fame

Science and Kickers

Nikola Tesla Museum

Science and Press Conferences

The Digital Hazard October 9th

Hello All,

As many of you know Steve Jobs has passed away, and although many of you also probably know my feelings for the man, I feel it is only fair to him that we at The Digital Hazard talk about the man the mystic and his company (as if they don’t get enough airtime already) Anyway, the purpose of this post is simply to inform you, dear readers and loyal radio listeners that on the October 9th show of The Digital Hazard, Erik and I will devote the entire show to two stories, Steve Jobs, and the iPhone 4S.

Those of you who know me well might be in shock and awe that I would devote an entire hour to Steve Jobs and Apple Inc, but it seems only fair. I promise that the hour won’t be me ragging on the guy, but Erik and I will have an informed discussion about the facets of his life and the most recent Apple product. Rarely there exists enough body of material in the tech world during the week of an Apple announcement, so we will devote the show this week to Apple.


I will not say anymore here, but I will urge you to tune in to WRCT Pittsburgh online at on the 9th at 1pm to hear our discussion.

TDH – Privacy

Today on the show, Erik was off, and Chris joined me to talk about everything from environmentally friendly datacenters to your privacy in the face of Dropbox. I’m not trying to paint Dropbox as the bad guy here, but you should be a little concerned. The 6-Bit Byte, Facebook Frackups and Science and Kickers rejoin our show today, as new concerns about Google Streetview cars and the power of 9-Volts are explored. Enjoy!

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Greenpeace Criticizes Apple, Twitter, Facebook for ‘Dirty’ Data Centers,2817,2383915,00.asp

Apple location tracker file: Congressman asks Steve Jobs to explain by May 12

Android users “hate” Apple

EU Decides against Net Neutrality rules

Oracle gives up Control of OOo

Dropbox Growth
and Woes

6-Bit Byte
Judge: Is Wi-fi Packet Sniffing Spying?

Facebook Frackups

Facebook Ramps Up Lobbying Spend In Q1 2011, Up 400 Percent To A Record $230K

Facebook accidentally turns on all e-mail notifications for some users

Science and Kickers
A 9V Battery To Your Brain Can Improve Your Gaming

NASA Ponies up $270 Million for Commercial Spaceflight

TDH – Tom Merritt Interview

This week on the show, we have an interview with Tom Merritt of! Erik and I really enjoyed talking to Tom, hearing about his career history, and talking about some major tech topics concerning us today. We definitely enjoyed ourselves. No show next week due to Carnival here at Carnegie Mellon.

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Career History

Tom Merritt: a guide to success

Net Neutrality

Mobile Space Competition

Cloud Storage

Social Media

Keeping Yourself Safe Online

TDH – Less than Impressed

I was less than happy with today’s show in general, and then the stream got reset so we don’t even have a full recording of the show. Everything should be okay for the Tom Merritt interview next week. I am definitely looking forward to interviewing him about his experiences in the tech industry. Today was a nice smattering of stories, and I enjoyed discussing them. Please feel free to read the articles, and listen to the first quarter and last quarter of our show. Positive outlook for next week!

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Amazon faces backlash over music locker service

Amazon Cloud Player Doesn’t Work On iOS — But It’s Not A Flash Issue

Google Reaches Agreement On FTC’s Accusations Of “Deceptive Privacy Practices” In Buzz Rollout

And the winner of the Google ultra-fast Internet is …

How fast is the Internet at Google? Mind blowing.

6-bit Byte:
Verizon’s spring portfolio leaked: DROID Charge, Incredible 2, Galaxy S 2 in tow

Paul Allen rips ‘mercenary’ Bill Gates in autobiography

Obama says federal fleet to run on alternative fuels starting in 2015

@jack is back @twitter — Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey …

Science News:

TDH – Happy Sun

A very fun show today, as Google underestimates the nerdiness of its Android users, and we talk about how the US Air Force uses a PS3 based super computer. The title of our show comes from one of our many ideas for projects or products… most of which will never actually come to fruition. Just listen…

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ATT buys Tmobile for $39B

…regulatory hurdles

…why it’s bad for consumers

ATT press annc

FCC official: AT&T’s T-Mobile deal will face “steep climb”

Iran-linked attack spoofs Yahoo, others

Mac software VP Bertrand Serlet leaving Apple!5784786

The 6-bit Byte:
Porn store for Android targeted in Apple’s ‘App Store’ trademark defense

Duke Nukem Forever delayed … no, seriously,2817,2382536,00.asp

Facebook Frackups:

Science and Kickers:

(Neuro Marketing) NeuroFocus makes first wireless EEG sensor headset, don’t call it a thinking cap

Holy Smoke! New Tech Creates 3D Images Projected Into Mist,2845,2382559,00.asp

TDH – A Half Show

Hey, I was bored and in the station at 8:30 on a Wednesday, and a guy didn’t come for his show. I had been wanting to try to do a show production and hosting all on my own, and what a better way to try it out? This is only 30 minutes long, and I enjoyed doing it. I need to learn a little more about the switching because that didn’t exactly go well. Erik didn’t join me for obvious reasons.

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At&t To Aquire T-Mobile

The Nexus S for Sprint

Depressed Male Mice Will Do Anything

Only 9% of US Internet Users Are Criminals

Copy right Trolls

Firefox 4 and IE9

Science and Kickers
The Mercury Messenger Probe Gets Toasty