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Show on Feb. 20th 2011

Hello All,

We are still having a show tomorrow even though there is going to be a basketball preemption. You will not be able to listen to the show from the stream linked to on, instead please go to this link to listen this week.
This is the last week that we will be on this stream, next weekend we will be back on the wrct stream.
Of course you will always be able to listen to the show, and download it for your viewing pleasure right here.


a long show

Thanks for listening live if you were, and thanks for downloading if you weren’t. We had a long show to make it easy on Chris with basketball transitions. This was a pretty good show today, we had some personnel problems, as our brains went on tangents for things, and then we didn’t know where we had ended up. Finally Nokia may adopt another OS for their smartphones, some Google stories, and our first email response to a story, please keep them coming!

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Egypt Restores Internet Service

Google’s Wael Ghonim is missing in Egypt; company asks public for help finding him

TSA to test privacy-enhancing software on whole body scanners

Wikileaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Verizon breaks first day sales record with iPhone 4 pre-orders — in only two hours

AT&T to some iPhone users: stay with us and get a free microcell

Survey: 32% admit mooching neighbor’s Wi-Fi

Nokia Considering Windows Phone 7 Adoption: Rumors

200GB to 25GB: Canada gets first, bitter dose of metered Internet

Google will not bring Honeycomb to smart phones

Microsoft Brings H.264 support back to Chrome

Facebook Frackups!

Airlines offer free in-flight Facebook

“Dating Site” steals Facebook data

Science News

Kepler space telescope spots five Earth-sized planets in our galaxy

National Treasures: Google Art Project unlocks riches of world’s galleries

Scientists working to grow meat in a lab


A friend showed me this article,River of IPv4 addresses officially runs dry, and I thought it fit well following up what you talked about last week.

Basically they’ve given away the last IPv4 address blocks. We still haven’t run out of IP addresses yet, but once the internet registries won’t have any new addresses to give out after this batch. That is at least until IPv6 is introduced with IP addresses that are 39 digits instead of 12. I did have a few questions though. The article said that of the 4.3 billion addresses available with IPv4 3.7 billion of them were unusable. Can you explain why that is? The last five blocks were also split between five different internet registries, but yet with projected use some of these registries will run out of addresses almost a year before others. Why wasn’t there some priority given to, for example, the Asia-Pacific RIR, APNIC, who is, according to the article going to run out of addresses within months. It also mentions that things like video chatting will be made more difficult if you end up having to share your IP address. What does that really mean for the average Joe, and how would we know if we were using a shared IP?


Show on Sunday Feb. 6th 2011

Hello All,

We are still having a show tomorrow even though there is going to be a basketball preemption. You will not be able to listen to the show from the stream linked to on, instead please go to this link to listen this week.
I will put up a post like this before every show that will be preempted by a basketball game that is on our own stream. Of course you will always be able to listen to the show, and download it for your viewing pleasure right here.


Today’s show went on air here at WRCT, the next few weeks there will be shows, but they won’t be found at the usual place. If you want to listen live, please go to This Stream to listen for the next few weekends. I will be posting the link before the shows, so you can check back in here for the link before we go on.

We had a nice, if slightly packed show today, but we got it all in. Definitely a fun time had by all as we hit internet protocols, and privay concerns, some quick hits. Also, it doesn’t really matter what your sign is because we al l have to live life.

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Complete Internet Blackout in Egypt

Internet body may use up IPV4 addresses this week

FBI executes 40 search warrants in cyber attack investigation

Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent, RapidShare and More

Google releases Honeycomb platform preview: Android’s biggest redesign yet

Quick Hits:

White iPhone 4 appears in AT&T’s online system

Report: Amazon plans to expand grocery delivery service

Facebook Frackups:

Science News

Astronomers using the Hubble Telescope believe they’ve found a ‘new’ star system that’s really the most distant ever seen

U.S. Navy thinks squids may hold the secret to invisibility

Physicists call for an alien messaging protocol,physicists-call-for-alien-messaging-protocol.aspx

Do horoscopes all say the same thing? Infographic heaven.

TDH – Half Apple Show

Welcome back to the new semester! We had a pretty packed show, even though we weren’t actually on the air (More on that in the show). Today was fun to get back in the sattle. We talked for a long time about Verizon iPhone, and then onto some Google news. Looking forward to getting a stream up for contingency purposes. More on that if it happens, check back here!

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Verizon iPhone — it’s real!

Android likely to lose as Verizon gets iPhone

Microsoft seeks to block App Store trademark

Apple Seeds iOS 4.3 Beta to Developers: Personal Hotspot, AirPlay Video Streaming, New iPad Gestures

Which manufacturers deliver the timeliest Android updates?

Science and Kickers
NASA spots smallest planet yet discovered outside Sun’s solar system
IBM’s Computer Wins “Jeopardy!” Practice Round

TDH – So here I am playing Halo…

I apologize for the random title, but it is paying homage to my HS Principal, who said the line, and we told him that it was going to be the title. Today I felt like our show broke down a little, but winter break should fix that for us. The next show will be on January 16th.

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Apple patents glasses-less 3D projection

World AIDS day: celebs go “dead” on Twitter

Facebook Frackups——————————–
You think you have embarrassing Facebook photos?

George W. Bush answered live questions at Facebook HQ Tuesday

Science News—————————————-
Too many one night stands? Blame your genes.

Age reversed in mice

TDH – Vegas Makes People Happy

Erik and I are going into business to create Droid Incredible to iPhone conversion kits, all digital “tape” and were are going to trademark the phrase “Vegas makes people happy.” All this after a rant about the TSA and how nobody cares if Bill Nye passes out on stage.

Senate anti-piracy bill provokes battle between Hollywood and Web giants

White iPhone conversion kits land teenage entrepreneur in hot water

Facebook Frackups!

Science and Kickers

Nokia research team creates touchscreens out of ice

TDH – I don’t have a title

Like I said at the top of the broadcast, the week was a slow one for tech news, but you take what you get, there are ups and downs. I want to see the gold light emitting trees that we talked about on the show, and you can get a invisibility cloak soon, like when it funnels through the military, just like tooth cleaning gum.

Mozilla launches F1 button: declares war on AddThis, Tweet buttons, Facebook Like, etc?

Google Gives All Employees Surprise $1,000 Cash Bonus And 10% Raise

But you weren’t supposed to know about that

Your cell phone will be able to tell if you have an STD

Pedestrians are not the only ones blindly following google maps!

————————————Facebook Frackups

Facebook’s Gmail killer, project Titan, expected Monday

———————————–Kickers and Science

TDH – Beware the Digital Hazard

Again, Erik is off on holiday, and Chris joined me today. Chris should be joining me next week as well. Today we talked about the election, after everybody and their uncle has given you their take. I get a little confused on how LG can produce a dual core tablet, and why Apple should (or shouldn’t) actually pay out on a class action lawsuit, cause Google isn’t.

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Google Tool May Have Had Wrong Polling Place Locations for Hundreds of Thousands of Voters

Rick Boucher defeated: big loss for tech policy world

Google Emails All U.S. Gmail Users About The Buzz Settlement — And To Say They’re Not Getting A Dime

LG Pad coming early 2011 with Android, Honeycomb dual-core processor

Amazon’s 3G Kindle leaps ‘Great Firewall of China’

Michael Jackson: The Glove bundled with Wii version of Michael Jackson: The Experience

————————————Facebook Frackups
Facebook to Foursquare: You’re out

Mark Zuckerberg: “iPad’s Not Mobile…It’s A Computer…Sorry!”

Worried about when you’ll break up? Facebook knows.
———————————–Kickers and Science
First road car produced with a 3D printer

TDH – We are going to Everest

MWAHAHAHA! It was Halloween today on The Digital Hazard. I mean it was Halloween everywhere, but it permeated the show too. The only evil things we talked about were Firesheep and Facebook’s ad model. James Cameron is still monetarily focused, and we are going to podcast from Everest. If you’d like to support us, please send a paypal payment to digitalhazardpodcast[at]

(don’t actually do that).

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Is Apple About To Follow in Google’s Footsteps?

The Nexus Two is real

FTC: no fine in Street View probe (What kind of girls did Google send?

James Cameron’s Next Movies: Avatar 2 and 3: the money tree grows…

Firesheep boasts 100,000+ downloads in 24 hours–lazy hackers, unite!

Firesheep usage leads to Idiocy

Jobs: there won’t be a mute switch becomes orientation-lock option for iPad

Android Market Surpasses 100,000 Apps

Facebook Frackups

Facebook Stalking: Evolved

Facebook applies for ad-targeting patent