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TDH – The Digital Hazard for OSX

This week on the show, I talk about some of the cool announcements out of Google’s I/O conference this past week, including the new form of phone unlock, and a refactoring of the runtimes in the OS. Also in Google news, they have begun compliance with the EU ‘right to be forgotten’ law. Meanwhile, Apple has discontinued Aperature, and plans to build a 4.7” iPhone. A potential win for the state of Missouri when it comes to personal security of digital communications. We talk about the NSA transparency report and Facebook’s attempt to recover bulk data that was turned over to New York state. All that and more!

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Google’s I/O conference this past week, Announces new unlock type



Android to move from Dalvik to ANT



Google Chromecast to jump air-gap, and talk to devices not on same network



Google begins removing search results under EU law



Apple discontinues Aperature



Apple to begin production of 4.7” phone



Simon & Schuster to make all ebooks available to libraries



NSA posts first full transparency report



Missouri to amend state consitiution to require warrant for digital searches



Linux continues to dominate supercomputer operating systems



Facebook Frackups:

Facebook tries to recover bulk data from New York law enforcement