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TDH – Confusion and Sadness

This week on the program, we start off by talking about technology that needlessly makes life ‘simpler’, Keurig’s new anti-copying K-Cup system and GE’s foray into Phillip’s smartphone controlled lighting market. Nielsen reports what we already suspected, that streaming is taking market control from downloads, at least in the US, and Google’s anti-webspan chief, Matt Cutts is taking leave for a few months. After talking about DARPA’s emergency response robot challenge, we go into examples of things that are threats to the open internet by 2025, misuse of the ECJ’s ‘right to be forgotten’, and revelations about how little you have to do for the NSA to follow up on your internet traffic. You also might want to steer clear of Facebook, especially if your mood is volatile. All this and more this week!
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Keurig’s DRM for Coffee



GE to get into the smart lights market



Music Streaming continues market hold



What will kill the free internet by 2025



Google’s anti-spam chief to take some time off



DARPA sets finals for robotics challenge



BBC doesn’t want Merrill Lynch article to be ‘forgotten’



Goldman Sachs got Google to delete a ‘sensitive’ email



Simple file encryption



NSA targeting any private conscious individuals



Facebook Frackups:

Privacy Group files over Facebook’s mood experiment