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TDH – I’m not a lawyer

This week on the show, I talk briefly about the reparations that Sony is paying out as a result of the 2011 PlayStation Network hack, how Amazon has quite a bit of cash flow, and what Apple’s Public Beta of OSX Yosemite might mean for the desktop experience. We dive into why Twitter, Google and Facebook having a 70/30 gender split in their workforce might not be as evil as you might think, how judges don’t seem to understand how warrants work, and the fact that Apple just patented a wristwatch. I also freely admit that I’m no lawyer.

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Sony to pay for PSN hack in 2011



Less than one-third of Twitter employees are women



Amazon misses sales projections, still rakes in lots of money



Amazon announces Amazon Wallet, aiming to transition into offline point-of-sale transactions?



Judge’s warrant could undermine personal email security



Deaf advocacy groups don’t want Verizon’s accessibility argument against net-neutrality to stand



OSX Yosemite Public Beta released this week



Apple granted broad patent for the iTime wristwatch



Science News

You could have a Terabyte of memory in your phone



Japan’s Prime Minister wants a robot Olymics in 2020 alongside Tokoyo games