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TDH – Is Elon Musk Ironman?

This week on the show we talk about music in it’s latest incarnations, YouTube plans to block artist’s music videos if they don’t pay for the subscription service, but T-Mobile won’t be counting your music listening against your data usage on their plan. Google launches an initiative to get more young women interested in Computer Science, which I feel falls a little short of what it promises, but Google might be turning out the next generation of women coders for the drones that NASA is going to fly on Titan. We talk quite a bit about personal encryption and security, as we follow up with the TrueCrypt story and new revelations out of the UK regarding industrial strength data collection. A few FCC stories, regarding a bill in Congress to prohibit internet ‘fast lanes’ as well as the reason behind the largest fine the FCC has ever handed out. All that and a little more this week on the show.

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YouTube to block artists who don’t pay



T-Mobile to exempt music streams from data caps



Google launches ‘Made with Code’ for women in CS



TrueCrypt advises against forking codebase



Update on US Marshal’s Bitcoin auction



Elon Musk plans solar factory in Buffalo, NY


AT&T to be exclusive carrier for Amazon



Congress members propose bill to make FCC prohibit ‘fast-lanes’



FCC issues $34.9mil fine, largest ever



UK Intelligence revealed policy of surveillance of social network use



Pentagon to make the internet more secure from NSA spying



Science News

NASA to send drones to Titan