TDH – Happy Sun

A very fun show today, as Google underestimates the nerdiness of its Android users, and we talk about how the US Air Force uses a PS3 based super computer. The title of our show comes from one of our many ideas for projects or products… most of which will never actually come to fruition. Just listen…

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ATT buys Tmobile for $39B

…regulatory hurdles

…why it’s bad for consumers

ATT press annc

FCC official: AT&T’s T-Mobile deal will face “steep climb”

Iran-linked attack spoofs Yahoo, others

Mac software VP Bertrand Serlet leaving Apple!5784786

The 6-bit Byte:
Porn store for Android targeted in Apple’s ‘App Store’ trademark defense

Duke Nukem Forever delayed … no, seriously,2817,2382536,00.asp

Facebook Frackups:

Science and Kickers:

(Neuro Marketing) NeuroFocus makes first wireless EEG sensor headset, don’t call it a thinking cap

Holy Smoke! New Tech Creates 3D Images Projected Into Mist,2845,2382559,00.asp


TDH – A Half Show

Hey, I was bored and in the station at 8:30 on a Wednesday, and a guy didn’t come for his show. I had been wanting to try to do a show production and hosting all on my own, and what a better way to try it out? This is only 30 minutes long, and I enjoyed doing it. I need to learn a little more about the switching because that didn’t exactly go well. Erik didn’t join me for obvious reasons.

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At&t To Aquire T-Mobile

The Nexus S for Sprint

Depressed Male Mice Will Do Anything

Only 9% of US Internet Users Are Criminals

Copy right Trolls

Firefox 4 and IE9

Science and Kickers
The Mercury Messenger Probe Gets Toasty

TDH – Absolutely Unacceptable

Today’s show was marked with a number of Absolultey Unacceptable things, first off, we started 30 seconds late, and then when you get to the stories, well, lets just say we will be looking back to the good old days of the internet. We enjoyed the show, and I hope that you do too.

The 6 bit Byte:

Mozilla: Firefox 4 launching on March 22nd

A glimpse at Amazon’s app store

Apple’s Phil Schiller confirms white iPhone to be available this spring\

Microsoft is finally killing the Zune

Facebook Frackups:

Revealed: US spy operation that manipulates social media

Facebook not happy with poking inventor action figure

Science and Kickers:

Nasa is considering shooting space junk down with lasers (Cool Artist rendering of satellites orbitting the earth)

Large Hadron Collider could be world’s first time machine