TDH – Facebook Samaritan

This week on the show, Erik and I talk a fair amount about Apple and business practices of corporations, I hope that if you are a Microsoft employee that you have enjoyed your iPad while it lasted, that is if it ever charges completely. Also, Facebook protecting you from yourself, kinda. Look for all those stories and more this week on The Digital Hazard.

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AT&T and T-Mobile, AT&T shows it is a jerk

Adobe Photoshop CS6: First consumer preview prior to launch

Samsung and Apple: The immaturity continues

Apple faces Nokia & Motorola on Nano-SIM

New iPad can’t do math:

Microsoft to employees: “Don’t you dare buy Apple products”

Data Theft: Hacktivists are your biggest problem

Chrome surpasses IE, but only for a moment

Facebook Frackups
Facebook protecting your privacy? WHAT!?!?

Facebook to trademark “book”

Science and Kickers
Over efficient LED

Mercury Messenger Probe


TDH – Windows 8

This is the last show before Spring  Break for us here in Pittsburgh, but its snowing outside…. No show next week, but we will be back full force until the end of the semester. This week on the show we talked a fair amount about the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, which you can go download and tryout for yourself on Microsoft’s site. I might have a new phone (after more than 2 years) and we speculate rather conservatively about the iPad 3 event. Please join us!

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Windows 8 Week:
Win 8 takes on iPad:

RedHat: The Only Billlion Dollar OSS Company

Feds Give Confidence to Chrome, Android

WikiLeaks is at it again:

HTC Announces One (4 of them)

Android JellyBean

March 7th: iPad3

6-Bit Byte
Cellphone Jammers: Anything they ain’t good for?

Drunken Robot Elected:

Facebook Frackups
Facebook and Web Standards? No way.

Science News
Science Software Ought to be Open Source

Being Rich Makes One Unethical