TDH – Some Hideous Box Art Microsoft

This week on the show, Erik joins me from his special crazy life, we talk at length about password security and how hideous the new Windows 8 box art is. We learn about how Android is making a foray into all of your appliances, so now your fridge can tell you when it is raining. We welcome the new proposed Nikola Tesla Museum, and the new cars that talk to each other.

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Password Security Today

License Plate Scanners

PayPal to Join with Discover

T-Mobile’s Unlimited Gambit

Apple’s Response to iPhone SMS vulnerability

Wedded to your iPhone?

Nikon’s Android Powered Camera

Control Your Fridge with your Phone

Windows 8 Pro Pricing and Details

6-Bit byte
Apple’s Proto-logo

Ann Arbor to Host ‘Social’ Cars

CMU and the Robot Hall of Fame

Science and Kickers

Nikola Tesla Museum

Science and Press Conferences


TDH – London to Blame for Metro?

A short show this week, but we hit some interesting stuff between Windows 8 news and Apple’s upcoming iPhone. Speculation, speculation. Also, we prove that not all Olympic athletes got to London for their intelligence.

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Sharp To start Shipping iPhone Screens

Microsoft to Drop the name ‘Metro’

Leaked Windows 8 RTM

Illinois Passes No Employer Facebook Access Law

Olympic Athletes: Not the Most Security Minded

Facebook Frackups:
Judge Doubts Sponsored Stories

Open Letter to Zuck

Facebook’s Fake User Population

6-Bit Byte
Trolling 50 Shades of Grey