TDH – Product Heavy Show

This week on the show, we spend quite a fair amount of time on Apple, and the news of this past week, and the speculation on what will undoubtedly be the news of the week to come. The iCloud hack serves as a good Public Service Announcement for understanding how secure your personal effects actually are in the cloud. Not to be completely overshadowed, Motorola announced updated versions of the Moto X and Moto G smartphones, as well as the 360 smartwatch, and something called the Hint. We take a quick look through the latest from Nest, the home automation company, and talk about Tom Wheeler’s lofty goals for 25Mbps data speed broadband competition in the US. All that and more this week.

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Apple’s iCloud Breach


iCoud and the false security of two-factor


Apple to ramp up security alerts


Apple to launch new iPhones and the iWatch


Moto updates the Moto X and Moto G


Actually wearable circuitry


Nest pushes update to Protect


White House names Megan Smith the next CTO of the US


FCC recognizes 25Mbps as competitive ground


Dyson’s Roomba competitor


Facebook Frackups:

Netflix teams with Facebook to disseminate movie recomendations


6-Bit Byte:

Ikea’s new bookbook



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