TDH – Moon Pizza

Erik will be joining me in studio next week, so we are all looking forward to that. Chris joined me off and on, and we probably enjoyed each other more than we needed to to get though the show. Be aware of the Adobe CS5 GIF exploit, and the false Google certificates. We will be on the lookout for Amazon’s new tablet competitor to the iPad, hopefully it won’t be coming to AT&T &T so long as the Justice Department wins their suit.

What happens when two chatbots talk to each other? Insults, apparently
Adobe CS5 GIF Remote Exploit:

Eric Schmidt: If you can’t use your real name, don’t use Google+

Amazon poised to sell 5Million Tablets in 3 Months

Amazon Is Only Launching A 7”  Tablet?

Apple Responds to The Most Phenomenal Fake Apple Store in China

Sprint: AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Would Destroy Jobs, Here’s A Study To Prove It
T-Mobile users rejoice at Justice Dept. blocking AT&T merger

Domino’s plans to open shop on the moon

Facebook Frackups:
Oprah to Appear Live on Facebook, Invites Your Questions

CNBC: Facebook to launch music service on September 22

6-bit Byte:
Fraudulent Google Certificate

Suspects in iPhone prototype case plead not guilty

AT&T’s 4G LTE network goes live in Chicago; images reveal impressive speeds

Microsoft shows off its ‘Ribbonized’ Windows 8 file-management interface

Science News:
The Planet is now DIAMONDS:

Chinese want to capture an asteroid into Earth’s orbit


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