TDH – Happy End of Year

This week on the show, I talk about the security community, both in how they try to prove strength, and how the NSA could improve it’s public image. We learn that Google is assembling more robotic companies under their perview, and those crazies with tape over their laptop cameras might be able to say “I told you so”. Facebook lets you donate to non-profits, and hopefully the IEC will make all laptop chargers a standard.

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Obama Urged to Curb NSA Activity

Google Buys Boston Dynamics

$200,000 to crack Telegram

New Mac Pros Onsale

Webcam Spying

IEC Laptop Power Charger Standard

Delta CEO Prohibits In-Flight Calls

Dish’s Interest in T-Mobile


Facebook Frackups:

Launch of ‘Donate’ Button


6-Bit Byte:

Collins Dictionary’s Word of The Year,86,HCB.html


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