TDH – Some Real Discussion

This week on the show, I talk about a fair amount of things, ranging from Microsoft’s rumored acquisition of the streaming service Rdio, to the possibility of a wristwatch that could replace the smart features of your smart phone. It is a real point of change for people as they have the power to comment on politics on Twitter, and have access to many books through Google’s library project. Enjoy!

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Sony Halts New Xpieria Rollout

Microsoft to Acquire Rdio?

Sprint to Fight T-Mo for MetroPCS

MegaUpload Users MIGHT Get Data Back

Google and Book Publishers Settle

Google Patent Hints at Glass Wristwatch

Lockitron, Unlock you Door with a Phone

Apple Remembers Jobs

Presidential Debate saw 10.3 Million Tweets

Facebook Frackups
Facebook Hits 1 Billion Active Users

Facebook Tries to Convince People that It and The Internet are Synonymous

6-bit Byte
Republicans out Democrat on WoW

Our Robot Overlords can Already Play Catch


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