TDH – A Bit of a Follow-up Show

This week on the show, I follow up on both the story of Instagram’s announcement and about Alan Mulally being the new Microsoft CEO. It seems like you can now text your friends pictures through Instagram and we have another name to cross off the Microsoft CEO short-list, Qualcomm’s Mollenkopf. Google may be doing you a favor when it comes to email advertisements, and may be trying to cut Intel out of the server chip market. All that and more this week.

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GMail change with relationship to images

Google considers making own server chips

Qualcomm taps Mollenkopf as new CEO

Ongoing FCC decision regarding cell phones on planes

Instagram’s announcement, Instagram Direct

Amazon rumored to announce Sams Club competitor

Microsoft joins FIDO Alliance

Norway is digitizing all books, and making them free online

6-Bit Byte:

Groupon counters Amazon drone plan


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