Baron takes a Hiatus

This week, I was not availible to record, so Justin (@mcafee15) stepped in and recorded the entire podcast himself, there is no intro music this week either, as my being away made it difficult to edit in the intro. @mcafee15 did a great job in my absence, but you can expect me to be flying solo for the rest of the December.
Justin did a great job talking about the topics this week, which were all over the place.

Download This Week’s Episode

Macs are Amazon’s most wished for, PC’s most given

Online “guilds” mirror real life gangs

After Apple agreement, Psystar officially halts sales of clone Macs

Current ACTA drafts ban DRM interoperability laws

Apple iPhone may go to T-Mobile next

AT&T gives up on Verizon ad lawsuit

Google wants to eliminate drivers

Google Embraces Twitter, Some More. In a Non Facebook Kinda Way.

Intel shows off 48-core chip

Texting and Twitter make kids BETTER writers, not worse

Art contest! — Take the current logo (the one on the blog) and redesign it, or you could submit an image for the banner on the blog, of why not both!
Winners will get to see their work as the logo, and a gift certificate to the local retail business of your choice (no more than $20). If you would like to participate, email me, and I will send you a large version of the current logo. The winner will be announced on the first show in 2010, so submit early, and submit often!


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