TDH – Mobile Nutrinos

Today, Erik was back on the line, and we had a very nice show, certainly enjoyed ourselves, and I hope that you do too. This week we have some security warnings to pass along, a fair number of mobile news stories and the sagas of AT&T&T and the iPhone 5 continue.  Lets hope that by next week the faster than light nutrinos will let us speed through some of these sagas.

Live Blog: Google CEO Eric Schmidt At The US Senate Hearing

SSL has been cracked

Bluetooth not safe

Apple and ARM

Defect in Wintek-made touch panels may influence initial iPhone 5 shipments

Survey: 31 percent of Android users eyeing switch to iPhone

Apple’s iPhone has 89% retention rate, next nearest hardware is HTC at 39%

AT&T Said to Seek Asset Sales to Save Bid for T-Mobile

Windos 8 UEFI Bootloader: Anti-competitive?

Netflix split to set up Amazon streaming merger?;editorPicks

Facebook Frackups:
Facebook’s F8 Conference

Facebook announces Timeline, Open Graph, many other changes

6-bit Byte:
Steam Powered Computer Goes Digital

Foursquare Now Keeps Home Addresses Private

Science News
Time Travel!


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